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BooFest Daughters of the Night

Belly Dance and Hoop Dance Videos

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Funny Quotation of the Week:

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."
-Will Rogers

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This is my beautiful mom (R) whom I dedicate all of my work and humor to---love ya Sunshine!


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Touché! Bit 'O Humor

It's fun to see your motivational and inspirational people face to face. Especially to see when a cartoonist is more 3D than their drawn stick figures.

-Ché Rippinger, Humorist

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Try the "Orgasm Smoothie" recipe.

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The quest continues on my goal to be a cartoonist for The New Yorker. Over a year now solidly devoted to this life goal pursuit. In Mr. Mankoff's words, here's why:

"The New Yorker is to cartooning what God is to religion. It didn't completely invent it, but it's the Holy Grail."
-Robert Mankoff, longtime cartooning editor and cartoonist at The New Yorker magazine

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"Dating And Hand Grenades"  feature articles Humor, heart, and an entertaining way to laugh at the reality of our relationships.

NEW Feature...Relationship Quote of the Week

Love Toon of the week...

This Week's Featured Cartoon:

Title: Stars And Toilet Paper
TOUCHÉ! Cartoon by Ché Rippinger
Caption: (Man to woman) "Of all the stars that have come and gone...and we're still discussing how toilet paper goes on a role."

Topic: Relationships, life, arguments, debate, love, different ways of doing things, conflict, little annoyances vs. big picture

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Any unauthorized use is not only a huge legal No-No, it's just bad karma (shame shame for even thinking it!). Keep your cosmic karma points good and seek permission for use.
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Ché...The Belly Dancing Cartoonist
Buffalo Rose performance (Ché's first belly dancing "Virgin Prey" debut!), show video of

"Evening in Transylvania"
...in two parts (about 11 minutes total)
YouTube Vampire Video Belly Dance Part one
YouTube Vampire Video Belly Dance Part deux

It was so well received that there was an encore performance in Boulder, at BooFest. More Pics on Photo Gallery page.


(pictured: Countess Rafi'ah)


Che' Shimmies at Shimmie for the Cure

Che' "Fireflies" Hoop Dance

Che' "Love Me Dead" Hoop Performance Dance

Che' Gets Jungle Fever..."Cobra Style"

Belly Dancing Cartoonist Che' Performs at Mercury Cafe with Jungle theme & Staff from Che R on Vimeo.

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TOUCHÉ Toon News:

2 page artist article feature Denver Woman Magazine
Ché Rippinger

She finds humor in
relationships and everyday life

Photography by KIT WILLIAMS
Nyla Witmore
Touché! Cartoon In PLAYGIRL Magazine Advertising and Marketing Review
Magazine Cover Illustration by Ché Rippinger
Interview inGift Shop Magazine Touché cartoon inColorado Singles Resource Guide

Sports Broadcaster Bob Costas with Ché at Denver Press Club Runyon Awards

"Family Guy" Creator Seth McFarlane with Ché at Aspen Comedy Festival

New Yorker Magazine Cartoonist and Cartoon Editor Robert Mankoff with Ché at Denver Press Club

La Piazza 2008-Colorado Alliance of Illustrators

Colorado Alliance of Illustrators: Patsi Pohle, John Francis & Che' (artist Lonnie Allen not pictured) at 2008 La Piazza Dell'Arte
Original illustration design by John Francis: Urban submarine periscope breaking through concrete--
which had to get the USS Larimer (art on Larimer Square) moniker, because passers by just didn't get it, even though they thought it was "really cool."
(See more Pics)

God bless my mom, The original person who's respect and knowledge of all things Native American, Colorado, positive "you-can do-it" attitude & wickedly humorous spirit, inspired mine. She's always been my best friend and now she gets the best angelic seat in the house. Love ya, mom!
Give 'em hell in heaven.
-with love and humor,

As a well respected 25-year Religious Science Practitioner, a memorial service was held Friday, June 4, 3pm at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado- with a colorful luau them celebrating her life.
She loved all things Hawaii (especially Kawai) even though our gorgeous mountains are are beloved home and sanctuary.

The Denver Post Obituary Listing

TOUCHÉ! Cartoons are about relationships:  Men, women, parents, kids, bosses, & co-workers...even, world politics are about relationships!

Cartooning, Illustrating & Writing Relationship Humor for 16 years!

As seen in PLAYGIRL Magazine, The Sunday Denver Post, Castle Rock Daily Star,
The Mighty Sun, WB2 News and many others.

By visiting this site, you help bring TOUCHÉ! humor to the world!

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