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TOUCHÉ! Cartoons By Ché Rippinger
Relationships, Life, Food & Business Humor:
Professional Comics, Illustration and Writing

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To help you focus on what you need, and me to provide you with the best service to suit those needs,
here are some questions to consider and provide answers for accurate pricing :

~What is the usage-now and in the future? (Print, television, ad campaign, internet, etc.)
~What is your circulation? (How many folks are expected to see work; in what markets?)
~What publishing rights are needed? (Reprint, First North American, note: all rights and unlimited usage of work are not available)
~What is the kill fee? (If work is started, or commissioned, but not used)
~How many changes are included, and in what compensation format?
~What format do you need work in? (Electronic, print, fax copies)
~What quality do you need? (Copies, professionally printed-originals not available for sale)

please contact for professional rates

Address: PO Box 27366, Denver, CO 80227  
Contact Number: 303.980.6295 (Mountain Standard time)     
Email: Che@ToucheToon.com
Web Sites: www.ToucheToon.com


Thank you for your business and supporting the humorous arts!

All material is Copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.  Please contact for usage and pricing rates.
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