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The Belly Dancing Cartoonist
A student of several wonderful teachers...Thank you Rafi'ah, Eva, Elizabeth, Zoe Jakes, Souhail Kaspar (doumbek) and many others
Next Performance:

Belly Dancing Pictures
Che' with the funky freaky cool Unmata Dancers Amy and Rashel after their dance workshop at Elevation 2008

( Vampire and Virgin Photos Courtesy of Saira and Lil Naia)

BooFest Daughters of the Night
Back: Vampiress Laura, Countess Rafi'ah, 'Lil Naia Vamp, Mistress Saira
Front: Virgin Prey Ché, Crypt Keeper Kendra
Ché with the "good & evil" veil     

Thank goodness for safety pins, and warming up

Attack of the Vampires


Ché Virgin Vamp Vogue

Vampin' it Up:
Laura, Saira, Li'l Naia

Ché with Snake Arms at the Bodacious Babes of Summer Party
photo by Charles Beach

Belly Dancing Cartoonist Che's pics by Denver Woman Magazine Photographer Kat Williams

More pictures on Rafi'ah's Tribe page


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