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Photo Gallery

...many more to on the cyber way!

I've met many wonderful people. Here are a few so far...
All photos are real. Moments in time for which I am grateful and blessed.

(Belly Dancing Pictures...)

Sex And The City Author Candice Bushnell

Actresses Kirsten Davis and Kim Cattrell of HBO's Sex And The City at Aspen Comedy Festival

Queen Noor of Jordon

NBC news correspondent and political anylast and expert Andrea Mitchell

Actor Ed Asner hamming it up wit a forehead kiss

Animal House Actor Peter Reigert ("Boone") at a film screening

Funnyman Sam (LikeTheBeer.com) Adams-Comedian and Sports Reporter


New Yorker Cartoon Editor and great cartoonist himself:
Bob Mankoff

New Yorker Cartoonists
Chad Darbyshire & Mort Gerberg

Gonzo Illustrator and best bud of Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman

Odd Couple Actor and Author Jack Klugman

New Yorker Cartoonist Matt Diffee

New Yorker Cartoonist Carolita Johnson

Actress Ellen Burstyn

Angela's Ashes, Teacher Man and Tis Author Frank McCourt


Radio Personality and Comedian Gloria Neil (in red), T.V. News Anchor Bazi Kanani (in black), and another lovely lady at the Colorado Assoc. of Black Journalist's Awards


The Denver Post Editor Greg Moore

HBO's Sex And The City writer, Comedian, and Talk Show Host Greg Behrendt

Rocky Mountain News Cartoonist Ed Stein and The Denver Post Pulitzer Cartoonist Mike Keefe


New Yorker and Playboy Cartoonist Mort Gerberg 

Former New Jersey Governor and Author James McGreevey

Black Hawk Down Author Mark Bowden

Eat's, Shoots and Leaves Author  and Grammar Matron/Humorist, Lynne Truss

Passages Author Gail Sheehy


Under the Tuscan Sun Author Frances Mayes


Hilarious "Savage Love" Columnist and Book Author Dan Savage


"What the Bleep" Author and film director Will Arntz


Gary Hart Author and Former Presidential Runner

Future Shock Author Alvin Toffler


Murder Mystery with Cooking Themes Writer Diane Mott Davidson (see Ché's article on her)


Former Denver Broncos Football Player Marvin Montgomery (with Cam & Ché)

Actor/Comedian/Writer Bruce Campbell

Colorado Alliance of Illustrators members in action at La Piazza dell'Arte on Larimer Square in Denver, CO June '06 (Two western themed squares)
Our first annual appearance at La Piazza

CAI-lots of folks worked on these at La Piazza dell'Arte- an Italian street festival honoring the tradition of the temporary masterwork art. These 2 original western themed illustrations designed by our very own Larry Kressek

Che' posing with CAI art-I did the lettering-and adding the bling ring to the cowgirl hand to say thanks to our sponsor, John Attencio (phenomenal jeweler-and yes I'm sucking up here-- because I used to have one of those JA rings...but oh, that's another story.)


CAI's pirate-themed ode to Howard Pyle, the father of American Illustration, La Piazza dell'Arte, June 2007

Drawing buddies under the hot sun: Cherish Flieder & Pirate Che'

All together now..."Awwwwwwe, aren't they cute?!" That's Hubbie/Wife Illustrator team Ben & Cherish

Norman Rockwell's work comes to life at the hands of Benjamin Hummel & Cherish Flieder at the 2007 La Piazza dell'Arte festival
In Honor of Those Who Have Passed...
You just never know who is going to touch your life. It may be a best friend, a work colleague, or a person known only briefly.  But to have known that person, may make you a better one.
In loving memory of a wonderful cartoonist and human being: Dan Gibson.

Dan Gibson gets his own caricature on the Denver Press Club walls, after creating a third of the infamous wall for others (and having served as president and longtime member.)

World Adventurer, Aviator, Record-setter and Entrepreneur Steve Fossett

(After a large scale search, it is not known of his whereabouts after his plane went missing in Nevada in September of 2007.)



Heaven has a Furry Angel...
My sweetie girl Aspen, border collie mix and pound puppy of 11 years passed away at home with me on 1/26/08. She is deeply loved and missed. Hopefully, she is running and playing off leash, with no fences and all the squeaky toys and treats she can possibly enjoy. Her wings are well earned.


Braveheart-(white pooch on the right) my mom's gorgeous stoic, and eventually playful (only with us), wolf-blend dog; rescued from abuse to a ranch, to her home, and of course into our hearts. He left us Friday July 11th to be in a place to walk and play without the restrictions of an ailing body. Bless his Brave Heart!
(my little guy Boca on the left liked to sneak scoot in to share Brave's blanket during his visits).

In 2008 we lost Jean Tool, long time member, friend and caricaturist for the Denver Press Club-a wonderful, generous, kind soul who was also a WWII veteran. Artist known for his elegant Christmas cards, illustrator, and fellow cartoonist. photo by John Wren
Just for Fun!
VP Cherish Flieder & Pirate Prez Ché at La Piazza Del'Arte on a boiling hot pavement day on Larimer Square's street painting festival--an ode to Howard Pyle (Colorado Alliance of Illustrators "square" for the event) June '07.
Born to Be Wild (a pose after earning the motorcycle certification for the license--btw this is a wannabe/wannahave bike)
It  looks much longer wet.

My Christmas gift for Locks of Love


Still wet (i.e., looks longer)12" inches came off--for me this is extremely SHORT hair...and I totally forgot we had our one and only set of full family pics with a pro photog that Christmas...and no one noticed! (I was shreaking on the inside)

The Most Comcastic Guy I know: Cable Chef Ivan

Darn cute critters a.k.a. furballs: Aspen and Capri
My pups Boca, Aspen, & mom's dog Braveheart
Brothers from a different mother (and father) Boca and Brave
And now for something completely hilarious...
Get the gal known for dating and relationship humor in a wedding dress to help promote the Denver Press Club as a wedding, reception and event venue.
photos by Dick Nosbisch

Pictures from my Denver Press Club one woman cartoon show.

...stay tuned for pics from AAEC, CABJ, AASFE, DPC, DWPC, etc.


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