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Links to Resources & Recommendations

Cartoon Related Sites

Fanofunny -International cartoons-Italian/English
Squidworks -Very cool colorado cartoonists/graphic novel artists
Comedy Zone -A wealth of fun
Stu's Comic Strip Connection -Law & lawyer cartoons
D-Six -Comic books and animation
PolitixCartoons -Fellow illustrator/artist/cartoonist and friend Benjamin Hummel, and his blog commenting on a life with challenges with a little humor - trying to make the best of his health situation http://benjamin-politix.blogspot.com/2008/03/gi-joe.html for his version of GI Joe

Professional Media Related Sites

Colorado Alliance of Illustrators -Colorado's best professional illustrators
Denver Press Club -Oldest continually running press club in the U.S.
Denver Woman's Press Club -Professional writers



Other (literally related) Sites

El Rancho Trading Post -Southwestern gift shop in the Rockies
Lima Flight Team -The only 6-man civilian formation flying team in the U.S. I'm pretty darn proud of what my dad does in this. Check out the video. Maybe take some Dramamine first. Lima Lima Flight team video
Rippinger Financial Group, Inc. -Financial planning & more




Humor, etc.

Mile Hi Comedy -Resource for the best in Colorado comedy
Tim Powers Is Funny -Midwest comedian based in L.A.
Cats On A Plane -Not ready to see the one with snakes, and shorter!
ToucheToon review -Ah, another career spawned from a radio/t.v./film degree
IMDB -Internet Movie Data Base - when you can't think of someone's movie or name or body of work and need to settle a bet
-Humor and joke information links to cartoons, job humor, funny stories, jokes, parodies, laugh advice, comedy, television, (and sex humor) on the web.
-Information and resources about humor, jokes, cartoons, funny videos, funny pics, crazy pictures, clean jokes and more.

Awesome & Inspiring

PHAMALy -Colorado based theatre group made up of talented actors with disabilities who will blow your socks off! And their appearance on The Newshour with Jim Lerher  and my friend Kathleen Traylor is the theatre company founder.

 Fabulous Web Hosting, Domain Name, Design and More:

Cherished Hosting -Cherish Hummel of Cherished Solutions (aptly named for her great creative ideas)
Veal Creative -David Veal, designer, and great humor illustrator
Teresa Funke -A wonderful writer of historical fiction, know for her beautiful WWII books and stories

Relationships, Singles, etc.

SelfNurture.com -Jean Zartner has some great singles advice. Self Nurture is aptly titled in Jean's knowledgeable hands. And she teaches dance! (See her dance link.)
Singlocity -Online and quarterly singles resource magazine.

Belly & Dancing

Marrakech -Elizabeth & hubbie Ocean run two great places, Marrakech in Evergreen, CO and Paprika in Golden, CO. Great tribal classes, drum practice, merchandise, costumes, instruments and just great people.
Rafi'ah -Teaches belly dance at Mercury cafe & other places & performs professionally.
Eva Cernick -Also teaches belly dance at Mercury cafe & other places & performs professionally.
Self Nurture Dance -Jean Zartner has some great singles advice. Self Nurture is aptly titled in Jean's knowledgeable hands. And she teaches dance! (See her dance link.)

More TOUCHÉ! Online

Dating And Hand Grenades -Relationship humor + art + some surprises
Colorado Production And Resource Guide -Creative and production listings for the CFVA (Colorado Film and Video Association) Storyboard Artist listing
(need to update my listing here-please come to me rather than the other guys for storyboards! http://www.cprgonline.com/guide.php/id/643)
Ziddio Video -Ché and Cam at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, March 07 (audio not great) (this was the link-but it's not working now  http://www.ziddio.com/oneVideo.zd?dispatch=fetch&artifactId=1990)
Form And Style Magazine -High Fashion for the Curvacious Woman(another link that's outta biz: http://www.formandstyle.com/)
Westword -Ché paragraph in "Off Limits" -Touche' Cartoons appear in PLAYGIRL Magazine (the old link was: http://www.westword.com/issues/2005-04-28/news/offlimits.html but it goes to the current Westword stuff now.)
YourHub.com -Article on best-selling mystery writer, Diane Mott Davidson
True Fiction #4 -Squidworks Comic Group in action
Editor And Publisher -Industry magazine mention
Black Tie-Colorado -First solo TOUCHÉ! Cartoon art show and MaxFund Fundraiser at the Denver Press Club
La Piazza dell'Arte -Our June 2007 Colorado Alliance of Illustrators' chalk tribute to Howard Pyle-in the pirate theme picture.

-And our 2006 Chalk drawing on the street Italian Festival downtown Denver on Larimer Square and also a second picture


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