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Meet the Artist:

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Status interruptus

NAME: Ché Rippinger
Pronunciation/spelling guide/fun facts:
Ché is pronounced "Shay", same as "Shea" like the NY Stadium, the French spelled name has the French acute accent "´" over the "e" to make it sound like an "a". An apostrophe ( ' )after the "e" will work, if your keyboard can't accommodate the accent over the "e". For the record the cartoonist Ché is NOT named after Ché Guevera, though she is her own comic revolutionary tour de force! And she's not a guy.

Touché (interj)-
to acknowledge a point in a debate or witty retort
--Webster's New World Dictionary

JOB:  Relationship Humorist/Cartoonist /Writer/Illustrator/ PR Guru/Hired Wit

• Born year "Wild Thing" hit #1 (1966)
• Near-native of Colorado, USA 20+years (Via Chicago, Illinois--birthplace + some school)
• B.A. Communications Radio/TV/Film-NIU, IL 
• Graphics Design & Commercial Design Certificates in CO
+ numerous other enlightening educational things

Married and Divorced 18 times (Husbands may have either spontaneously combusted or moved to Alaska)

• Only Sibling.
• Mom a cool healer and spiritual counselor--just got into wedding planning 
Dad in financial and insurance biz

Furball Mafia:
 • The Yin/Yang Doggie Duo: black border collie mix Aspen (girl) (update: she passed away in January 2008), and corgi mix Boca (boy, and didn't know that "boca" is "mouth" in Spanish)
(both very smart and full of antics)
 • Kitty: Capri, the Alice Cooper-masked martial arts kitty. (Can take out a pillow case from 10 feet away.)

Currently: belly dancing (formerly a dancer in other styles). Other passions include: martial arts (4th degree black belt in Jeet Kune Do-Bruce Lee's style) and being a voracious media junkie: movies, music, audio books, real books, newspapers, t.v., web, etc. Also enjoy traveling, sports, cultural events, languages, men, gardening, gourmet foods/cooking, and feng shui. And of course, writing, cartooning, eavesdropping and laughing a lot.

• Been cartooning for over 17 years!
• Juggles writing, cartooning and illustration careers... and sometimes even manages to have a social life!
• Worked in television production for several years and also did lots of graphic design.
• Choreographed a music video once.
• One of the last natural blondes on the planet.
• Can speak a spattering in several languages-just enough to offend the locals with bad grammar!
• Studies belly dancing and attempts practice with the doumbek (middle eastern drum) to get better with the belly dancing. Also tinkering with zills (finger cymbals), and transferring some martial arts sword skills to belly dance.

• Denver Press Club, volunteer & past board member
• Colorado Alliance of Illustrators, fulfilling the duty again as President 
• Unofficial cartooning mascot at the American Association of Sunday & Features Editor's Conferences (AASFE) and adopted by the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC)

Contact the Artist 

11 Great Reasons To Use TOUCHÉ! Cartoons:

11. They're progesterone-based
10. They're so use: newspapers, web sites, specialty advertising, crunchy cereal...
9. You'll learn something new, like how to make up your own grammar rules.
8. Because you are master of the world who bows to no committee.
7. To assure you aren't immortalized in a cartoon as the slutty or geeky character...wait, those are cool now.
6. The humor is "Ripped from the Headlines" ...and bathroom stall eavesdropping.
5. Keep up with artist's personal life-- without reading the tabloids.
4. Easy promotion-cartoon diva is camera ready and media savvy!
3. Artist has this cool PINK web site + www.DatingAndHandGrenades.com too.
2. You'll increase sales by thousands thus keeping your job.
1. Ever see how rejection is dealt with on The Sopranos?

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